Thursday, January 20, 2011

Desk Magnificence!

The office in our house has been one of the last things we've gotten to since moving, but we are taking great strides in the process!

Last week, Daniel made an amazing, but simple, desk for the office that we both love. It's big, but perfect.

The table top is a door that was made for Do Something Now, which is the heartbeat of Passion Conferences that just happened at the beginning of this month. If you've never heard of Do Something Now, you need to visit the new site (launching Feb 15th). It will change your heart. Daniel built a few huts for DSN, and this door was leftover after we tore everything down post-conference.

Then he just made some sawhorse legs, painted it white and that was that!

To top it off, I got some clear jars and filled them with office supplies for effect :) And practicality, I guess...The other two things, I got at Hobby Lobby for 70% off! I LOVE that place!

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  1. I love this - I really like your taste, it's simple and clean but totally unique. Something I wish I could channel from time to time - I tend to end up on the messy side!


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