Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cheap Expensive Taste

Sometimes (ok more than that) I feel that things I like are too expensive...all the cool looking things are just out of my price range! Well, not this weekend!

In one of our super cool downtown Athens stores, they sell sheets of wrapping paper for about $2.95. Seems a little ridiculous, but this paper is amazing. I wanted some of the wall space in our dining area to be filled a little more, so I decided to make some art! My friend Staci and I had talked about how neat it would look to frame a pattern that we like, so I did just that.

I got 3 different patterns and Daniel and I got some really great rustic frames at Hobby Lobby at 50% off! I don't know about yours, but our Hobby Lobby has A LOT on sale for half price this week!

Daniel then cut some foam board to back the paper, so it was more solid and wouldn't rip.
Then we just used double sided tape and placed them in the frames! We LOVE them!!
Here's another thing we found for half price...I've always wanted these in my kitchen!
Since I've been doing so much, I've been cut off from home projects for a while :) Enjoy!


  1. Cool article Anna. I think it is great that you are blogging and in doing so helping people.
    . . . about the fork and spoon. If I hit someone with one of those would they break?

  2. You are too cute...I love it! I did something similar in my powder room with pretty napkins from anthropology and black frames! We NEED to hang out soon. And hobby lobby rocks.

  3. I have those build-your-own metal poster frames from hobby lobby (do you know what I"m talking about? you buy two sides for the length, two for the width and screw them together? no glass) and it's really easy to press in on the front to tuck paper in the sides... so at Christmas I took all of my favorite wrapping paper squares and tucked them into my frames to make free, disposable xmas decorations! you should try that with these frames when the holidays come around again!

  4. Sooo cute!!! I love that it looks like something I could do too. Very clever!

  5. I love how your frames turned out with the wrapping paper. I have framed scrapbook paper before but never wrapping paper. :)

    I need to go wander through some of the boutiques downtown but it's not highly appealing with all the UGA students back in town!


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