Monday, July 12, 2010

Making Old into New

Lately, I've been in major home project mode, so today I acted on it!

Last week, my friend Beth put some project inspiration on her blog here, and I saw something that I loved! It was a moss-covered letter. I love the look of moss, and I already had our initial in a white wood, so I decided to run to Michaels and get some moss to glue on it!

I got a bag of this:
And just hot glue gunned it to the "A", and here's how it turned out! It was a little messy, but it all came together.

My next project for the day was to make some use out of the multiple glass vases that have collected in my house over the years. They were just sitting on top of my kitchen cabinets, so I wanted to recycle them! I went out and bought some glossy white spray paint, made them white, and added some fake green hydrangeas. 

I'm trying to reduce some clutter in our house, so I think these really helped! And they brighten up the room! Ahh home projects...


  1. Yay! Glad to see that the Anna, Amy, and Adair "A" is now the new and improved Armstrong "A". Looks Great!

  2. Oh, Amy beat me to it! I was gonna say, that A looks pretty familiar...

    Your house looks pretty!


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