Monday, March 22, 2010

My Husband is a Stud

Yesterday, my husband, Daniel, ran the ING Marathon in Atlanta!! He has been an endurance runner since he was in kindergarten, but he had never conquered a marathon. This was his year.

Unfortunately, with an achy hip and twisted ankle, he did not get the training he was aiming for leading up to the race. Going into the weekend, we had a plan for the morning if he wasn't able to reach the end. Though his journey towards the end of the race was rough and painful, I saw my man cross the finish line. I have to say, though it was his accomplishment, that was a very proud moment for me. I even had strangers cheering his name!

Daniel is definitely one of my greatest heroes, and this is only one reason why.

Before the race - excited!

Pushing to the finish line

Proudly wearing his medal!


  1. awww, Yay Daniel!! It was so great seeing y'all this past weekend. lots of love,

  2. Wahoo! Way to go!! The Bougheys are proud of you!!

  3. That is fantastic! It's such a wonderful sense of accomplishment! Does he plan to do another soon?

  4. Katie: It was a great accomplishment, but I think it was a one hit wonder for him ;)

  5. Congratulations, Daniel! We're in awe...
    the Petersons in WY


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