Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fashion Experimentation

I don't really buy new clothes often, but since I've gotten into jewelry lately (personally and professionally), I've been having fun recreating outfits from my own closet!

I'm not a tall person (5'3"...I told you), but I've found a style that helps a bit with that. Here is an example of Katie Holmes in a style that's somewhat similar to what I'm talking about:

This example is a little more casual than what I made from my closet, but the jeans are what I'm most referring to. I have these retro flare jeans that are somewhat high-waisted that I have rediscovered. I wear them with a wide brown belt, a tucked in white tee, a cotton jacket and boots (need a little height). Love it! Most of all, I've loved accessorizing this outfit.

I wore this necklace with the outfit mentioned above, and it made all the difference!! Turquoise jewelry can make anything pop.

With these earrings and this bracelet, it's a transformed outfit! I love mixing and's so conservative!

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  1. Hey Anna! Where did you get that necklace? I have been looking for something like it in red... super cute and I love the outfit!


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