Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fire Pit

Fall is here and so is our new fire pit! This past weekend, Daniel & I built our very own, and we love it! It really wasn't that complicated, and it definitely adds something to our yard. Here is the process...

We basically just went off the natural slope in our yard and stacked stones (from Lowe's) to make a wall

Then we just dug a hole in the ground to start our fire pit

Then we just shoveled over some dirt from the slope to level it out (we had to add a little top soil to help with that as well). We also added pea gravel for aesthetics

We used a smaller stone to line the pit

And voila!!

Now we just need some seating and it is complete! Party at our house!

Also, this may have happened the night we built it :) We, along with our neighbors, really love Friends, so this was a must to create a great evening...

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  1. being on vacation lets me catch up on blogs!! and i love the firepit and the "friends" up on the wall! i would officially like to be invited over for a double date of dinner, firepit and friends. was that too forward? :)


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