Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yes, it happened, we got hardwoods! You have probably seen me direct your eye away from our nasty linoleum floors that were in our breakfast nook, but they're gone now! Hallelujah. AND this weekend we are installing a brick floor in our kitchen - I'm so excited I can't stand it.

We just got a medium-dark interlocking laminate floor that should hold up great (and it was nicer on the wallet :) ). We are very pleased with the end result...although it was not too fun getting there at times.

Original floors in the entryway (they were all termite eaten and also wouldn't match what we chose):

Putting in the new ones:

Finished product!

Be still my heart.

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  1. Lovely! My mom just put the same kind of stuff down where we had carpet, what an improvement! And easy to clean :)


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