Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our New Kitchen!

Major update!!

We just moved into our new home in Suwanee 2 weeks ago, and we have been hard at work! There isn't a whole lot to change about this house, it's in great shape. Our biggest urge, though, was to do something about the outdated kitchen. So we did!

Here is a before shot of one side:

And with the cabinets painted:

Also, my husband/my project hero installed new counter tops from IKEA (VERY cost efficient!)
AND I got a farmstyle sink from IKEA for HALF OFF in the As-Is room! Swoon.

Here is the final project! I LOVE it!

I'll post some more from the rest of our house this week...


  1. awesome! That sink takes it to the next level!

  2. nice work! i am currently living in a place with a '70s style kitchen. i will hire you guys out when i get a real place, haha!

  3. LOVE it! You guys totally transformed it!

  4. One of the many wonders of remodeling is being able to do a lot of work for less money, and you did just that! Without spending a lot, you were able to transform an outdated kitchen into an awesome one. What else have you done so far besides the countertops and the sink?

  5. Thanks Chase. We are actually getting in some brick pavers for the kitchen floor today! They are sort of a red-ish terra cotta color that will hopefully give us a little more of that farmstyle/rustic look that we like.

    We are waiting on them to come in, so hopefully that will be my next post!


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