Monday, September 27, 2010

My Latest Inspirations...

I. Love. IKEA.

I'm sure many of you do. We went to browse a few weeks ago, and it really got my senses stirring. I love tearing out pages in magazines for home inspiration, so I went through the IKEA catalog and tore out plenty. I'm mainly fascinated with their kitchen designs. Here is a taste of what has lately been running through my head:

I like the brightness of this kitchen. One day, I would love one of those hanging utensil racks (Only $25 at IKEA!) If this kitchen were mine, I would redo the counters with the amazing chopping block wooden counter tops from IKEA. I adore that type of surface.

I also LOVE the look of these shelves instead of cabinets! It really opens up the space.

I really just like the back wall again with the shelves. I've always wanted a sink by a window so I can put plant life on the windowsill.

And I just like this look from Pottery Barn

Inspiration abounds!!


  1. and hopefully this weekend you'll find out if a kitchen like this can be yours!!

  2. Collin and I are purchasing the pot hanging rack for our new apartment! The decision was unanimous. We live less than a mile from IKEA, the next time you're there give us a ring and say hi!


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